Sometimes the reasons behind our decisions are selfish.  My two boys deserve the best that life has to offer.  That is why I choose Laser Therapy.
– Patti Rosene


Lawrence has made an amazing recovery with laser therapy – check out the 3rd video!
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– Jennifer H.


I am the Mom of a 6 year old Boxer named Joe. Joe has had inflammation in his knee joints for a while and was getting to the point he had a limp constantly. We had him on a Rimadyl regime for about a year at 150 mgs per day. It never seemed to get any better.

I heard about laser therapy and contacted Patti Rosene with Equine Laser Therapy. She was so knowledgeable and helpful that we started treatments right away. After just two weeks we saw results. Within two months we had cut his medicine down to 50 mgs per day and he was his old self again. Jumping and running and playing with our other dog, who is 2, just like he was a pup. We are now down to therapy twice a month and are ecstatic with the results!

Thank you Equine Laser Therapy!
– Stephanie O.


Gus had injured both his knees within a year. He had surgery each time and was able to walk afterwards. I knew that as time went on the fight for his mobility would be an uphill battle, even with a prescription diet, pain medications, and limited activity. I didn’t think he could feel much better, but after that first laser treatment, I stand corrected!

Gus’ reaction was priceless -he absolutely loved it. He laid there contently while Patti worked on his hips, knees, and shoulders. Before she was done he was fast asleep. Patti has a wonderful energy and honestly cares for each of her patients. This isn’t just a job for her.

After his first treatment, he became more social, outgoing, and seemed happier. I couldn’t be happier and did not expect such a change. He walks easier and has been taken off one of his pain medications. Now all I have to do is ask, “Do you want to go see Patti?” and he is halfway to the car!

– Lindley T.


Patti has a great respect for all animals. She has been treating my horses from the time she started her business. These guys are Reiner’s and work hard! Luckily, we don’t have any chronic conditions. To keep it that way, Patti treats my horses after hard training sessions and days of showing. Sometimes we are lucky and she’s even at the same shows! My horses tend to be sore in the lower back and neck, each animal is different. After practicing sliding stops, they love having their hocks and fetlocks treated with the cold laser.

Now on to the major results I’ve seen with cold laser. Earlier in the summer my dog was bitten by a feral stray cat. I was proactive and took him to the vet right away. Four days later he was in the hospital with two IV’s and fighting to live. It turns out a bacterial infection had set in and the pill antibiotics were not strong enough. The infection settled on the skin of his belly. After two surgeries where the skin was removed, we had a long recovery. Once we were cleared by the vet, I was changing his bandages and had to take him in to the vet every three days for bandage changes for weeks. Patti was here with her laser treating the area of his stomach were all the skin was removed. You can see the results in the pictures – Dandy is the little dog with the blue donut collar. Cold Laser Therapy has him 2 months ahead of schedule on the regrowth of his skin. So glad we took this path to recovery.

As with any family member, that’s how I think of my horses & dog, I hope we never have lameness and injuries. But when we do, Patti will be here treating them.
– Erin M.